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Art / Graphic Design

Our design team is always here to help!  We can design your t-shirt, logo, decals, banners, or even a total package from an idea you sketched out to a detailed email telling us what you want.


Our Graphic Design services start at $50 an hour and go up from there.


Some projects are completed in an hour some more detailed take longer.


On larger projects we evaluate what is needed from the beginning and try to give an estimate that you can feel assured that there will not be any surprises.

We do art for:

  • Logos

  • Business Cards

  • Flyers

  • Print Adds

  • Vehicle Wraps

  • Banners

  • Decals

  • Embroidery

  • Screen Printing

  • Apparel Printing

  • And More

So you want to see a design!

We do not design any jobs without an order and payment.

Once art has been paid for we will send you your design and we make revisions after 2 revisions a fee per revision will be applied.  Please make sure that when place your order for art that you give us detailed information about the design you are interested in, such as type of vehicle, colors to be used, what color garment it is to be printed on, or what type of end use it will be such as logos for t-shirts, hoodies, decals, and embroidered hats.  All of which can be designed into a user friendly logo/design that will work on all of them. Once art is approved it will go into production here or we will send over the digital files we do not include digitizing in the design fees.  If you want your logo digitized for embroidery we do offer it but it will be an additional charge.

You already have ART that you want us to print!

All customer supplied art must be READY TO PRINT preferably in vector format or high res if you have a question about your supplied art send it to us and ask we are always willing to help!

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